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ZenTri 557 - Galveston 70.3 2014

ZenTri 557 - Galveston 70.3 2014 by user785235878

I had a great time racing the "Texas 70.3" in Galveston with a bunch of ZenTri fans.  I went into it as a bit of a tune-up for Ironman Texas coming up on May 17th.  This episode covers the race and also has good chunk of Triathlon News with my good buddy, Morgan Christian.

I ended up PR-ing with a 4:40, helped out by a very strong bike ride (Thanks to Strong Like Bull camp!) and even a nice tailwind for a good portion of the race.  I biked 5 watts higher than last year and did most of the race in a comfortable aerobic zone.  Here's the link to the entire race's workout file.

The Amrita kit was a nice touch and I got lots of cheers from fans that recognized me from the shows.  Thanks, everbody!  I did have a little bit of an upset stomach towards the end of the run, which I talk plenty about during the podcast.  

Galveston is very family-friendly, so Emily and Kai got to have a lot of fun as well.  Here's Kai and I attempting to steal a golf cart from the Kroger's parking lot right across from the beach.  

And the ocean was beautiful on Friday night before the race.  Lots of great surf and people out enjoying it.

As the weather is warming up, I'm getting outside more on the bike.  Wildflowers are blooming like crazy right now and it's great to be on the road instead of in the Training Cave.  I shot the pic below on one of my typical training rides.

With the warm weather, out come the critters!  The backstory behind the snake photo is that I was swinging it around and trying to scare Kai with it.  And I love how the car in the background is trying to get as much distance between itself and us as possible!

There's lots of fun and info in the show, so enjoy!


ZenTri Podcast 566 - Oceanside 70.3 Review

ZenTri 556 - Oceanside Half 2014 by user785235878

We cover the Oceanside 70.3 race and news with Morgan Christian, then turn it over to the Training Log!  I've been training a lot for the Galveston race, taking Kai biking while I run trails. (Above)

The local roads are bursting with wildflowers and it's getting warmer, so this is becoming my new scenery during training rides.

It's a nice change for sure.  Riding the trainer facing a wall was getting old.

I also did a guest post on "What's in my gym bag." for a another blog.  Here's the photo... It's pretty much running gear.  Full blog post can be found here.

Next episode is the Galveston 70.3 review.  Don't miss it!


ZenTri 555 - Ben Greenfield and Strong Like Bull Part Two

Click here to download or listen!

Join us for part two of Strong Like Bull training camp, an interview with Ben Greenfield about his book "Beyond Training", and triathlon news with Sonja Weick.  But first, let's talk about these pictures!  

The first one is the climb from Granada, Spain to the top of Pico de Veleta, which is the highest paved road in Europe.  As you can see, it's got great views and boulders in the bike lane.  Just kidding!  There is no bike lane.  Don't worry, it's safe.  You'll pass out from lack of oxygen far before you get hit by a car.

These are our bikes piled up at the top, leaning against a snowbank.  We were so high up, we were actually above the ski resort.  This is also photographic evidence that you know somebody that rode a tri bike with a disc wheel up this infamous climb.  When you try a climb with gear like this and somebody says it can't be done, mention another triathlete far dumber braver than you did it once already. And of course, I did a brick run of over a mile at the top.  Yes, this tri camp goes to eleven.  

Here's the map and profile from the climb for your own entertainment (Avg 8% grade).  Could you do it faster? Slower? Gearing was 39 x 28.

We made it back to Houston - a place where things are more normal.  Ok, "normal" is relative.

And check out my new shifters!  Very aero and the closest analog version to electric I can afford.

Alright!  There's tons more inside the podcast.  Give it a listen and leave your feedback in the comments!




ZenTri 554 - Jesse Kropelnicki's Fueling Tips and Strong Like Bull Part 1

Click here to listen or download!

Coach Jesse Kropelnicki chats with us about how QT2 Systems fuels it's top athletes for Ironman racing.  It's a good conversation and pretty much opposite of what all the "low-fuel" types preach.  You definitely don't want to miss this.

After the interview, I take you to Spain for part one of Strong Like Bull training camp.  It was a beautiful trip and my first time to travel to Europe.  And now, time for some photo commentary!

Southern Spain looks a lot like West Texas.  Not quite as dry and hot and a bit more mountainous, but definitely good stuff.  I took this shot in the middle of a typical long bike ride.

There's lots of little villages in the mountains, and then we also went to Granada a couple of times.  If you check out the picture below, you can see a snow-capped mountain peak in the distance.

We rode to the top of that peak on the last day of Camp.  It's the highest paved road in Europe, topping out at around 11,000 feet.  We'll cover that ride in the next show.

Above is the Moorish fortress called "La Alhambra."  You are looking at just a tiny part of it.  The whole place is mind-blowingly huge.  We took an afternoon to tour it, just part of the benefits of a training camp in a great location.

More photos and podcast to come!  Enjoy!



Podcast 553 - Phil Maffetone!

 Click here to play or download the show.

It is an incredible honor to bring you my interview with Dr. Phil Maffetone, the coach that helped Mark Allen win six Ironman world championships.

Dr. Maffetone pioneered heart rate training and developed MAF training, a.k.a Maximum Aerobic Function.  His methods revolutionized endurance training and are being used worldwide today.

My favorite part of Dr. Maffetone's approach is that he looks at the athlete as a whole.  Performance is directly linked to stress, food, sleep, allergies, and so much more.  We talk about all of these issues... and music!

To back up just a bit, the news for the show is co-hosted by Sonja Wieck.

After the interview, we play "Twice in One Lifetime".  You can find that on Maffetone's music site here -

two hour training log.