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ZenTri 583 - Stryd and Tawnee


(Will this be the new power meter for running?)

There is a new power meter for running coming called Stryd, and the gang behind it call in to talk about their new technology and how soon you might see it.  You can find out more about it and sign up for their beta testing here.

Later, Tawnee Prazak joins in to talk about all things triathlon.  Nutrition, training... it's all in there.  Enjoy!

I wrap up the show with a great dose of The Training Log.  Kai kicks it off by going swimming with me before school.  He's both a terrible interview and his mouth is full of food, so get ready for some hilarity.

We've got some new room for sponsors, so let me know if you're interested! (texafornia at gmail dot com)


ZenTri 582 - Erik J Fisher on Productivity

(Erik giving productivity some punch.)
Erik J. Fisher from the Beyond the Todo List Podcast joins us to talk about methods to get things done.  This is perfect for triathletes trying to fit in work, family, and training all at once.  Thanks, Erik!
I also cover a ton of training and tri lifestyle tips in the Training Log, such as:
  • How to stop staying up late and start getting up early.
  • How to swim faster by going against timer and changing form to beat the clock.
  • Eat Jicama sticks! So good! And good for you!
  • How to "shovelglove" on the bike, improved interval timing.
  • Butter in your coffee.
  • Fuel testing on long ride with Amrita bars.

ZenTri 581 - John Hirsch on Training

(John looks deep into your soul, then tells it to go harder.)

Pro triathlete John Hirsch joins us to talk about training, eating, weightlifting, and more. I also give tips on managing your day.

Link to John's fundraiser to help kids with cancer. Check it out!

  • News
    • Max King sets 100k run record.
    • Female age grouper popped for PEDs in South Africa.
      • Around 50.
      • Has been to Kona.
      • Looks like some kind of amphetimene.
    • Ironman AZ sold out on site. Be ready for this at the bigger races.
    • Lionel Sanders doing Ironman Texas.
    • Steve Hed passed away.
    • Ultraman results.
    • FDA going to make all chain restaurants post calories on menus.
      the U.S. Food and Drug Administration will announce that it is making final two rules that require calorie information be listed on menus and menu boards at chain restaurants, grocery store take-out counters, convenience stores, theaters, amusement parks and vending machines with 20 or more locations. These rules do not apply to independent restaurants.
    • Working on UltraBaby belt buckles.
      • Outline of Texas, 321 miles. UltraTexan
    • Brett's KOM on Strava last weekend.
  • Tips
    • Take control of bad habits by scheduling them from James Altucher show. Ep. 65.
      If you want to stop a bad habit, use your executive function to schedule time for it. That way, you still allow it to happen, but now you can monitor it. Instead of it running your life. Check twitter once an hour instead of whenever it hits you. Then you can get stuff done in between with purpose. Eventually, the forced action because a non-conscious habit because it works and you like it.
    • Kona getting fat from not running enough.
    • @Bri_Tri2 shout out for Amrita Bars fueling tip.
    • Get a sleepmask to improve sleep
    • Got Jaybirds replaced for nearly free after ruined by rain. Explain how to do it.
    • Daniel Pink book "To Sell is Human" tips:
      • Positivity ratio of 3 to 1. 3 happy thoughts for every 1 negative makes people happy. Once you go up to 11 to 1, you're now too far and lost touch with reality.
      • Ask "Can I do it?" instead of "I can do it." Asking forces you to think out a plan. People that do this are far more successful than others.
      • Curiosity drives motivation. Get people moving (or yourself) by asking why or how. When they think about it, they are now officially engaged.



ZenTri 580 - Jordan Rapp And Joel Filliol

(Jordan on the bike)

Pro triathlete Jordan Rapp and his coach Joel Filliol join us to talk about Jordan's latest race and how to train right.  Joel was Jordan’s coach from 2005 until the beginning of 2009, when he took a job as head coach of Triathlon Great Britain.  They started back together Spring of 2014.

After the interview, I give the latest triathlon news and training tips.

(Joel laying down the law)

(Helle Frederikson with towel over treadmill numbers)

Here is the list of questions we covered in the show:

For Jordan

  • Arizona result was awesome.  Do you feel like you are totally back on track?

  • When you found out Joel was available, did you try to get him back immediately?

  • What is your ideal training day like?

  • Bicycles for Relief. 750 bikes.  Bikes extend the range of nurses.

  • You coming to do Texas again?

For Joel

  • Did you put Jordan back on the Joel program?  What do you think he needed to change most?

  • What is your ideal coaching day like?

  • How do you know/monitor Jordan’s status?

  • Helle Frederickson with towel covering treadmill, what’s that about?

    • Jordan, do you do that sometimes?

  • Where did you get your training methods from?  

From Joel’s blog:

1. Conditioning trumps drills. Technique matters, but the way most athletes try to improve technique doesn't work. Get fitter, and your ability to hold good technique improves. It takes a lot of work to develop aerobic conditioning in your upper body. If you think you are already swimming a lot but are not improving, swim more and keep at it. There are no shortcuts.

2. Traditional drills don't work. The type of drills and the way that most triathletes do them don't actually have any material effect on swimming technique.

16. If you need to write your swim session down on the white board or paper, it's too complicated. Keep it simple.  What’s an example?

21. Repetition is your friend. Variety is for the weak minded, and interferes with the learning process. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

Other mentions:

DC Rainmaker's review of indoor trainer software.

Tyr's new ankle band/float combo.

How to get hill grade percentages from (Click on image for full-size.)



Podcast - Ironbaby 2014 (Self-Supported Ironman)


Owly Images

For the 10th annual Ironbaby, Phil Smith and I headed out to do a full 140.6, totally self-supported.  We ended up doing 141.1 miles in total. Do they make a sticker for that?

Above is the swim start at Lake Bryan.  We had to swim beyond the fog on the far side and all the way back.  

Water temps were great.  I measured them the day before at arount 68 degerees F.

Being a good RD and measuring the water temps the day before Ironbaby...


After the swim, we changed into our biking gear in a parking lot.  Air temperature was around 50 degrees.  

Owly Images

Kai took an "art pic" of my bike while I was swimming and filtered it to black and white.  Not bad for 10 years old!

Owly Images

The bike course was beautiful!  I really enjoyed it, looking forward to hosting Ultrababy next year.  The pic is a little blurry, but I'm still looking fast in my Amrita kit.

Owly Images

There is a bison ranch on the bike route.  Pretty cool to see the buffalo out cruising around.

A photo posted by @zentriathlon on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:34pm PDT

With the bike over, it was time to head out on the run.  I changed into regular running clothes and added a bandana for extra sun protection.   We had beer on tap for the fans and friends and lots of kids came by to hang out, too.

Owly Images

 The run is nine laps of a three-mile loop.  Another aid station is at the far end, making for water and food every 1.5 miles. Tradition is to mark the driveway with sidewalk chalk every time you make a lap.

I got a little sick and ended up doing the run/walk thing for a 13 hour finish.  In the podcast there is audio of Kai and I running together across the finish line.

Owly Images

Phil finished a little while later.  They dragged me out of bed (still feeling sick) and got this funny photo.

Owly Images

Big thanks to New Republic Brewery for helping out with being the aid station on the far end of the bike course this year!  This is a pic of us stopping by the day before the race to "inspect" the course.

It was a great day and the course was fantastic.  I still need to work on drinking more water with my fuel to keep from getting sick on the run.  Lots of time to practice before Ultrababy next year.  

A few days later, I tried to get on my bike for a short workout, but was still feeling a bit wiped out. :)