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Episode 596 - Luke Tyburski and the Stages of Enlightenment

(Hannibal would circle around and come over the top. Just sayin'.)


Luke Tyburski joins us for an interview about how he is planning to go 2000 km (1242 mi.) in 12 days.  It really is the Ultimate Triathlon.  

I also talk about the stages of enlightenment.  Is it forever? Or is it just temporary?  Or does it depend?  You might be surprised by what you find out.

Luke promised a picture of him getting his ear poked while swimming, and he delivers!

Thanks for tuning in and get read for next episode; The Ironman Texas Extravaganza!


Start with you. It's OK - That's where you'll end up in the end.

When most of us try to improve, we accidentally start at the finish line and start to work backwards. We see what somebody that's already there is doing and attempt to do that.  The problem is, that doesn't work.  You are trying to improve a you that doesn't exist yet.

If you're setting out to do a two hour warmup ride, then 3 x 20 minute intervals at above race pace, followed by a 10 mile brick run because you read that's what world champion Luke McKenzie's favorite workout, you're going to wreck yourself in short order.  Instead, look at what is one of your own difficult workouts and do that, plus maybe a tiny bit extra.

You can't train a you that doesn't exist yet. Try, and you'll quickly be presented with the difference between the two. But do it right, and you'll continue with sustainable and solid growth that lasts forever.


ZenTri 595 - Angela Duncan Naeth and Galveston 70.3

(Photo credit: Red Bull Content Pool)

Interview with Angela Duncan Naeth after Galveston 70.3 and before IMTX, interview with Dimond Bikes, and race audio with my gory bike wreck details.



ZenTri 594 - Rachel Joyce, Coffee, Dogs, and Swim Pull Technique

ITU World Champ and Kona 2nd Place Pro Triathlete Rachel Joyce talks to us about 50 Women to Kona, her bike setup, and coffee.

In The Training Log segment, I describe the pull that real swimmers do that triathletes don’t, and how to use fish oil in your bulletproof coffee. Also, how to teach your dog to run with you.

And as promised, here's the "Making Coffee" video I talked about on the podcast.

Want to fight diabetes?, here's the JDRF ride link to help out Aaron Leff.  Do it!


Keeping your bikes from getting stolen while using Strava and Garmin Connect

Be careful! Theives are using social media workout sharing information to find nice bikes in empty houses. When you log a workout, the path to your house and your pattern of behavior is out there for people to use.

There are at least two ways to make yourself less of a target:

1. Strava and possibly some of the other programs have a setting where you can block out your path by setting filters on a map.  You should not make your house the center of that circle, or your location is still obvious.  Strava allows you to make multiple of these filter areas, and of varying size.  Definitely do that and review your work to make sure your house is impossible to determine.

2. The second level of security, and the one that inspired me to write this post, is don't accept "friends" on the social networks that you don't know or have vague descriptions that don't appear genuine.  "Cr211aReez" with no substantial profile or reason to be your friend is probably a bike thief.  You can make your life much easier by being selective of your friends.