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ZenTri Podcast 588 - Rocky Raccoon 50 and Polarized Training Results

On this episode, I detail my execution of one of the tougher endurance events you can find, the Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile Trail Ultramarathon. I used the polarized training method to blow away my old record by nearly half an hour! 
Listen in as I detail everything I did during the race that worked, what didn't work, and what would work better next time.  We also score an interview with the race director Joe Prusitis, and Kai wins the 1 mile kids race the day before. 
I used the Garmin 920's live tracking feature to publish my progress throughout the day.  That was a ton of fun!  Emily said it made her day a lot more enjoyable knowing I was OK.  Here is the final cut on my run that day with HR, pace, and tons more.  Click on "View Details" on the bottom right to see all the graphs and detailed info.
I even put the Garmin on Kai the day before for his own race and recorded his metrics.  He said the watch was light enough that he barely noticed it.

In my own race, I ran the first loop of three in record time, and then kept it together to run the next two fast enough to beat my old time by 27 minutes.  Full race results here.  I ended up with top 10 in my age group and 36th overall!  Not bad for a lumbering triathlete at 182 lbs!

Enjoy the show and check out all the training and racing tips - I'm excited to share. :)


Quintuple Ironman and Spartan Death Race Champion Olof Dallner


Olof Dallner talks to us about how he won a quintuple Ironman and several Spartan Death races.  I also test out Vitargo fuel on long trail runs.

Here's the links Houston Marsh mentioned about his bike rides:

Link to bike tour in South America and Canada and the link to the bike tour in Southeast Asia is


ZenTri 586 - Justin Metzler, Endless Pools, and Weight Vest Training



The amazing (and TALL!) Justin Metzler joins us to talk about being a pro, Team Maverick, and his latest training and camp.  

After that, we talk to Mark and Adam about Endless Pools! This commercial videodoes a great job showing one off.

We talk about how they work, what models are best for which type of customers, and what it's like swimming in one versus your local pool.  Thanks, guys!

I wrap up the show taking you training with me, a lot of which while I'm wearing a 25 lb. weight vest to run in.  It's good stuff for training for the Rocky Raccoon 50.

Enjoy and let Endless Pools and Maverick know you liked hearing about them on ZenTri!



When frustrated with yourself or a situation, stop and listen.

Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing. What is the source of your Why?

Do this in a quiet, calm place and you will find that your actions while being frustrated are counterproductive to your cause.

If you take the time to listen, you can regroup and move forward with the ease you are looking for.


Tuesday Tri News and Notes

If you over-tighten a bolt, you can crush your carbon. Don't crush your carbon! Check out this cool gadget instead.

Challenge announces a $300,000 prize purse for Challenge Dubai.  It pays 10 deep and winner gets $65,000.

While you were rearranging the ice furniture in your igloo, there was an Ironman somewhere warm!