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ZenTri 671 - Locker cut, HFLC, Rebound hypoglycemia, David Goggins mindset

Low carb HIGH FAT!
I got my locker cut at the gym.
The rule for working out while sick.
The time I tried to qualify for my pro card.
Emulsified MCT oil almost made me crap my running shorts.
Low carb workout examples.
Ran too fast because I had too much energy? Weird.
Cottage cheese is THE BEST.
Rebound hypoglycemia - blood sugar crash after starting to work out. What causes it.
CamelBaks came from IV bags. Set one up next to you on the bike!
I outran Kai!
Projectile vomiting - What’s going on.
How to keep bottles from getting nasty.
You don’t have to be David Goggins to think like David Goggins.



ZenTri 670 - Tension is Good

Show Notes:
Use your tendons instead of muscles when you can.
Swim faster by throwing your arms forward, like throwing a baseball.
My homemade fuel formula (maltodextrin + maple syrup)
Honey and maple syrup are both sucrose, but bees add an enzyme to pre-digest the honey for you.
Don't fuel during your swim practices.
I battle my cat over eating my headphones daily.
Protect yourself from running injuries by warming up on your bike.
The agony of looking for a lost Airpod.
The Old Navy puffy jacket has changed my life.
How to use tension to get more done.
Zwift has added more levels, aero helmet, and possibly a disc wheel?
And much more!


ZenTri 669 - Not Exactly So

Show Notes:
Rob Gray running downhill tip.
Running video in video on Zwift while riding.
Yellow gloves for better visibility.
Ordered new single airpod.
Standing to pedal on bike to increase cross fitness.
How I got plantar fasciitis so bad.
13 hours last week, breadown by sport.
The Legend of Sami Inkinen.
Lactic acid is fuel. Feel the burn!
Mad Calf!
News - Zwift now has 50 levels.
News - Strava released data deep dive
Zen Moment - "Nothing is exactly as you think it is." (The map is not the territory.)
If you get depressed, remember it's not forever.
How to be a metrics minimalist.
How to do well in an Ultraman. (It's all about the recovery.)
Noticed my mad calf is getting better.
I might go swim with Magnolia Masters in January!
Letter - There's a beer with "Brett" maltodextrin in it.
Letter - Thanks to ZenTri and Triathlon Taren.
Wrap up!

Zentri 668 - Tyler Runaround

2:00  How to use cramps to tell you when to take a break from training.

9:00  How to ride your trainer indoors like it’s outdoors.

22:15  Running on a new rails-to-trails path in Tyler, TX.

25:00  Why you should eliminate fructose from your training fuels and how to make Tailwind fuel at home for less.

31:00  Himalayan pink salt can make you sick.  Don’t put it in your fuel!

33:30 Ultraman day one review.

35:00 Front tire flat and when to pick Slime as your tire sealant instead of latex.

39:45  Lionel switches to Canyon for his bike.

41:30  What makes the Premier Tactical such a great triathlon bike.

45:00  Deschutes IPA review, how to support the show, and how to get coached by me!



Zentri 667 - The Stanford of Zen

How does Stanford define "Zen"? How does this compare to other philosophies and religions?

Also, lots of training and racing tips in the rest of the show!