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ZenTri 675 - Backpacking Zen, VW Atlas Review, TDF


We are back!  

Zen learned while backpacking.
Garmin UltraTrac mode review.
We got a new Volkswagen Atlas! How does it work for triathlete families?
Thoughts on the Tour de France.


ZenTri 674 - Ironman Texas, Airpods, and Emotional Responsibility

Show Notes:

  1. Ironman Texas review.
  2. Is the wireless charging on Apple Airpods worth it? Definitely.
  3. Zen Lesson - You are not responsible for your emotions, but you are responsible for your reactions to them.



ZenTri 673 - Xterra and St Patty Tris

Details on two races and lots of tips!
Veloplugs in addition to rim tape to prevent flats.
Zwift added a huge flat desert section!
How to "middle path" on on low carb, high fat.
What's being going on at the home front.
How many minutes of intervals should you do?
New treadmill and tips.
Load videos you want to watch into "watch later".
Kia Telluride? Wow!
Showing HR on old Garmin 935.
Keller Triathlon, Dallas Tri Shop.
Flat on the bike during the race, on a downhill.
Don't use CO2 on latex tubes, or latex tubes as spares.
1st in swim, would have gotten 3rd in AG overall if not flatted.
What is "misophonia"?
New helmet and bike tech.
Don't add weight to your helmet unless you want to snap your neck.
Check out hill profile before races.
Homemade fuel tips.
Sea Sucker bike racks.
Another Cervelo bike - P3x.
Somebody please invent a storage box that attaches below the downtube.
Watopia "slingshotting" practice.
Tim O'donnel bike wreck.
Zwift gaming trick.





ZenTri 671 - Locker cut, HFLC, Rebound hypoglycemia, David Goggins mindset

Low carb HIGH FAT!
I got my locker cut at the gym.
The rule for working out while sick.
The time I tried to qualify for my pro card.
Emulsified MCT oil almost made me crap my running shorts.
Low carb workout examples.
Ran too fast because I had too much energy? Weird.
Cottage cheese is THE BEST.
Rebound hypoglycemia - blood sugar crash after starting to work out. What causes it.
CamelBaks came from IV bags. Set one up next to you on the bike!
I outran Kai!
Projectile vomiting - What’s going on.
How to keep bottles from getting nasty.
You don’t have to be David Goggins to think like David Goggins.



ZenTri 670 - Tension is Good

Show Notes:
Use your tendons instead of muscles when you can.
Swim faster by throwing your arms forward, like throwing a baseball.
My homemade fuel formula (maltodextrin + maple syrup)
Honey and maple syrup are both sucrose, but bees add an enzyme to pre-digest the honey for you.
Don't fuel during your swim practices.
I battle my cat over eating my headphones daily.
Protect yourself from running injuries by warming up on your bike.
The agony of looking for a lost Airpod.
The Old Navy puffy jacket has changed my life.
How to use tension to get more done.
Zwift has added more levels, aero helmet, and possibly a disc wheel?
And much more!