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ZenTri Podcast Episode 567 - Roth Drama

(Typical crowds at Roth. This is racing!)

Join me and Tawnee Prazak as we dish on the drama that went down at Challenge Roth!  There was vaseline in goggles, asthma attacks, and so much more.

(Tawnee destroying mere mortals in Whistler)

Also in the show, I come back to Texas from San Diego.  First job? Go to Freebirds World Burrito!

(Lord Vader approves of me coming back to Texas!)

The Training Log segment of the show is full of lots of great tips.  Also, I talk a bit about Zen and Essentialism.  Here is the book that is a good read on the subject.

Kai was visiting his grandparents, so Emily and I turned our warped attention to the dogs:

(When we get bored, we dress up our dogs like badasses.)

(Kona ready for a long run.  As a baddass.)

 Stay tuned for the next episode!  Lots of weird stuff went down at Ironman Lake Placid, so that episode will be packed with even more greatness.


Episode 566 - Ironman Lake Placid-Gate


I interview @Pay10Deep, who started a fundraiser to pay 7th place more any prize money at Ironman Lake Placid.  He and @_Dark_Mark and @TheRealStarky are promoting it to point out that people want Ironman to pay the pros more and deeper into the finishing ranks.  I agree!

Follow the fundraiser here. thread with drama here.

In the rest of the show, I cover the latest triathlon news and go to San Diego for work and training.  BTW, Scott introduced a new superbike, called the Plasma 5.

On the flight to Cali, I tried to help this Buddhist monk figure out his ticket, but he was having none of it.  I got the cold shoulder twice! 

(I don't care how much Karma is in that bag, it's not fitting in the overhead.)

Morgan and I went paddle boarding in this lagoon.  Here is a video of me falling off.  Like a pro.

You can hear him asking me at the end if I know how to swim.  That's an inside joke since we've BOTH swam across Lake Tahoe (22 miles). Dork.

In the picture below, you can see how people ride jetskis in a circle.  The waves make balancing on a board a little tough for sure.  Somehow, that doesn't seem worth the $50 per hour.

The rest of the trip was typical san diego.  I tried sporting my beachwear to the software conference.  I thought it went over really well.  

 I also cover how to use hill training to improve your overall triathlon performance.  Tune in!



Episode 565 - I Pump My Own Gas!


Episode 564 - Find a Way

This show starts with an interview with Tina and Anne about their quest for Kona.  It's a great story!  Tina is blind and Anne is her guide, tethered to her the entire race.  They've successfully raced Challenge Atlantic City together, so Kona is next!

In the training log, We start our trip to Tennessee.  We are headed to the lakehouse, where I like to swim to and fro to this island.  

We made the trip, suprised Kai, and then hit the water.  Emily took a nice shot from our ski boat.

There's lots more inside the show, so tune in!


Episode 563 - Father's Day

(Kai kicking ass on the bike, making his dad proud.)

In this episode, Tawnee Prazak and I cover the news, I interview the CEO of Compete Hub, and then I give tons of training tips and take you with me on my Father's Day weekend escapades.  It's a great time!

To go along with the show, here are some recent pics of the ZenTri life.

I took Kai out on a bike ride and showed him how to take artsy pics of bikes.  Before we left, I showed him some examples from  Kai's results are below.

We laid the bikes against a bridge and angled the camera so they were headed towards the vanishing point in the upper right corner.  Nice!  

We then rode to the high school and I showed him how people will hang their bikes in weird positions for a photo.  Putting a bike where a bike shouldn't be is just disrupting enough to make the viewer take pause and think.  Nicely Zen.

Kai is also now fast enough that he can go on our shorter workouts.  Instead of sitting around and stuffing our faces while watching reality TV, this was our Friday evening fun together.  It was so cool!

One of the reasons I'm happy and healthy at forty is my parents used to take me biking and running with them when I was a kid.  That's how you shape "normal".  Get them started early and they'll do it for life.

See you next episode!