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ZenTri Podcast 569 - Agent Skully



(Out on an evening ride in the Texas heat)

Tawnee and I cover the news, I answer training questions, and take you with me on 70.3 training.

Here's the link to help me raise money for the Tour de Cure ride for help with Type 1 Diabetes. Thanks so much!


Using Strava to Find Places to Ride and Run

I was visiting a friend in Arlington, TX and needed to get in a ride and a run.  No local knowledge? No problem!

You can use Strava's Heat Map system to find out where people are working out.  The brighter the lines, the more people are biking or running.  

With cycling, there is much more safety in numbers.  Cars are used to seeing cyclists there, so you're just part of the wildlife.  Also, lots of cyclists using a road means that road is safely built for bikes.


ZenTri Podcast 568 -Ironman Changes and Ocean Swimming

Ironman has some big changes coming!  I cover that news and a whole lot more going on in triathlon right now.  Also, there's lots more great stuff in The Training Log.

While we're here, make sure to check out this swimming video from Brett Sutton.  Great advice in there that applies to the bike and run as well.

Ironman Boulder went down over the weekend.  This shot was the most circulated around the Twitternets.  Called "Horsepower".

And here's a gratuitous shot of ZenTri Nurse paddleboarding in Port Aransas.  Life is good!

Ok, see you next episode.  Stay safe!



Trainer Video - Ironman Cairns Australia 2014

This full Ironman video runs 51 minutes and has action almost the entire time.  It starts with a beach swim, then a rainy bike and run.  Temps look warm and the course fast.  Even the commercials are cool, with some brutal Xterra style racing ads.  The pro field is full of names you might know.  4 out of 5.  (Great video, wished it was a full hour.)


ZenTri Podcast Episode 567 - Roth Drama

(Typical crowds at Roth. This is racing!)

Join me and Tawnee Prazak as we dish on the drama that went down at Challenge Roth!  There was vaseline in goggles, asthma attacks, and so much more.

(Tawnee destroying mere mortals in Whistler)

Also in the show, I come back to Texas from San Diego.  First job? Go to Freebirds World Burrito!

(Lord Vader approves of me coming back to Texas!)

The Training Log segment of the show is full of lots of great tips.  Also, I talk a bit about Zen and Essentialism.  Here is the book that is a good read on the subject.

Kai was visiting his grandparents, so Emily and I turned our warped attention to the dogs:

(When we get bored, we dress up our dogs like badasses.)

(Kona ready for a long run.  As a baddass.)

 Stay tuned for the next episode!  Lots of weird stuff went down at Ironman Lake Placid, so that episode will be packed with even more greatness.