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Rock Solid in Dixie

This is truly a great podcast! It's chock-full of audio from a variety of sources: An interview with Emily after swimming the Tennessee River channel, rock climbing in Georgia, and more, all sandwiched in between a sweet tune by Spoon. Listen to it here. Locations will be posted on the Google Map hack shortly and here is the link to the Rocktown climbing map. Check out the wall action in this photo and imagine how this helps you cross train for swimming.

The next show will be on-site at the Tall Texan half ironman triathlon in Boerne, TX (Just a few miles west of Hell).


Tennessee chillin’

First off, best wishes to all those affected by Katrina. Galveston was
wiped off the face of the Earth in 1900 by a cat 5 hurricane, killing
over 8,000 people (still the worst natural disaster in US history) and
it has never truly recovered. New Orleans will most likely never ever
be the way we remember it, but you never know.

We are currently beteween Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN, and we only
received a day's worth of rain and gusty winds. There were a few people
concerned about us, but no worries here.

So, on to lighter things... Both Emily and I got super sick, giving us
the opportunity to excercise our vomiting and other unmentionable
muscles for 24 hours straight. It most definitely did not rock. We
also swam across a very formidable lake to a deserted island and back,
trading kayak support positions. The last highlight was our drive into
Georgia to go rock climbing. It was probably the most hillbilly area
I've ever seen, and believe me, this Tennessee-Alabama-Texas raised boy
has seen his share. Since I'm familiar with the dixie-factor, I
actually got a real kick out of it. The boulders were on top of an
1,800 foot ridge and miles away from anywhere.

I've got gps points for both the island and the boulders, so the next
podcast will have markers on the ZAT map. Bueno idea on the t-shirts.
If anybody has any ideas for a graphic and text, shoot it my way. If
yours gets picked, your shirt is free. I'm already kinda partial to the
"turn on, tune in, and work out" slogan. ;)



Podcast update

I put the point for Lake Meech on the map as close as I could without
finding the exact coords. You can find the lake by looking on the
northwest side of Ottawa for Lac Meech.

Also, Tamsin informed me that this is NOT the location of Ironman
Canada. Still, it's where many triathletes train for open water swims.



Ironwomen of Canada

Hey, tri-studs! Here is the latest show, chock full of audio from two hard core female triathletes swimming the Ironman Canada swim course. Also, witness the destruction as Kai smashes his way through the house. Check for a Google Map of our Canadian friends' location. If somebody can give me the exact coords of Meech Lake (Lac Meech?), I'll move the marker to the proper location.


Zentri played on podclimber

The boys at have listed part 1 of my bouldering field report on their website at If you listen to my show, you've already heard it, but it's proof-positive that most podcasters are very happy to get audio from listeners. If there's a podcast out there you're wanting to talk back to, give it a try!