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Just another day in Paradise (Austin, TX)

This podcast covers our trip to Austin for a swim in Barton Springs, a visit with a bike store to see what's new in Triathlon, and the free Lance Armstrong/Cheryl Crow concert. I talk about all this while trying to go on a trail run, only to discover every tire on the baby jogger has gone flat. Hilarity ensues. Not.

The swim was really cold, but perfect to cool off a sweltering Texas day. We then hit Bicycle Sports, a great bike shop and I talked "shop" with one of the employees and got a look at what is new (and not) in the industry. Interbike has just wrapped up, which is loaded with biking goodness. Here's a link to the best of Interbike.

The concert was great. It was really for families, cycling fans, and cancer survivors. just an amazing experience all the way around. Definitely watch the video from my previous post if you can.

Lastly, Kai and I were going for a trail run and we got flats on all of the jogger's tires. We make a trip to the local bike shop to get fixed so he can still go running with me, but it still cuts our run short by half. Just one of the hundreds of reasons I'll never be a great triathlete, but still a darn good dad. He loved the run in the woods, by the way. ;)


Lance thanks Austin

We're sitting in the field where Cheryl Crow is putting on a free
concert along with Lance Armstrong to thank Austin for all the support
the City has given him over the years. Almost everybody has something
yellow on. This might be the only concert where it's ok to wear a
cycling jersey. Kai has on a minature yellow Discovery team jersey on.
Lance will be doing some presenting and the mayor will speak as well.
I'm taking lots of video, audio, and pics to share in future podcasts.


Ever Swim with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?

You're looking at the shownotes from today's podcast. I wrote them on Tyvek paper and they spent two hours being wadded up and sweated on in the leg of my bike shorts. Tyvek is pretty durable stuff! (It must be, to survive that kinda abuse. Barf.)

I talk at length about the dilemma facing Ironman. Check out the article about it here.

The big news is that we're going to see a free concert tomorrow in Austin. It's Cheryll Crow and Lance Armstrong will be speaking. If you're in the area, check out the details here. We'll be touring the different triathlon shops in the area to see what's new and also hitting Barton Springs for an open-water training swim.

Ok, the even bigger news is that we've got some guardian angels looking out for us at Apple. Two of the guys who work on iTunes are triathletes. They love Zentri and want to put our logo on the front page of the iTunes Podcast page. This is HUGE for Zentri because we will get a big jump in listeners, at least for the short term. Thanks, tri-guys! To prep for the onslaught, I'm having to post all new shows on a server that allows unlimited bandwidth. This is costing me at least an extra $5 a month. Anybody want to be the sponsor for that $5?

Buried somewhere in that audio, I make some comments about swimming at night under the moonlight and how to perform "front quadrant swimming". It supposedly makes you swim farther more easily, so don't miss out.

Everybody be careful out there on the bike. Lot's of drunks are careening around because it's football season. Listen to the podcast and take your time doing whatever it is that you do. Quality over quantity, yos.

-Brett, father of the birthday boy.


Ever catch a race finish on video?

This video is a real gem. I had finished the race and was waiting about 100 yards from the finish line, camera in hand, wanting to catch Emily crossing the line in her longest race to date. I saw her coming when she was about 200 yards from the finish line, so I turned and ran as fast as I could to the timing mats, turned back around, and she was literally on top of me. I couldn't believe how fast she was running and you can hear me say so. I didn't realize until I watched the video that I was totally wandering around the finish area and should have stayed outside the fences, but nobody said anything to me about it. This was Emily's target race for the year and she did a great job, especially after having a baby just 9 months prior. That reminds me, she actually did a triathlon when she was pregnant and didn't know it yet. Mom power!

I've been in contact with some important guys at Apple and we will be handed a cool windfall pretty soon. They are triathletes and love the show, and that includes all that you, the listeners, do to help out. This show isn't about me, it's about the lifestyle. That includes all of us! Emails, comments, audio clips, it all comes together to make for a great show that everybody enjoys. Thanks again and keep on tri'n!

BTW, I recommended to them several shows that anybody that cycles would like: Bike Talk, Bikescape, and Cycling Insider. Check them out yourself if you have time. Cycling Insider is a real riot. Matt Da-mon!!!


Darkfoot and the Legend of Rita

Hey, tri-studs. I'm posting this as Hurricane Rita is moving in like that ugly guy with bad breath in the apartment above you back in college. The wind is really picking up, but no rain yet. We should have power for quite some time, so no worries for now. I've got the mp3 player chock full of podcasts and a handful of batteries, so I should have lots of entertainment in any case. Maybe I should go out and record myself trying to ride a bike into the wind?

This podcast (get it here) has me running barefoot in the dark at about 6 AM on Thursday morning. I discuss the koolest of the kool: Fixed-gear bikes. Here is the list of the best websites about this awesome trend -,, Also, if you like danger on two wheels, don't miss out on this video.

Lastly, here's the link to the newest gadget from Garmin - A GPS-based dedicated bike computer. Maybe you shouldn't buy it, but you can at least know about it first. It's a completely different way to measure distance on your bike.