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Review - Myorope Massage Roller

OK, I have to admit that I love the Myorope.  It really works!  And not only does it work, it works well.  It also doesn't need any batteries or electricity, and is super simple.  All of those characteristics make it a winner in my book.

I offered to test out this unique massage roller because I have tightness in my piriformis muscle that is a real pain in the butt (literally!)  The piriformis muscle is next to your gluteus muscles and controls the rotation of the leg.  If you sit a lot and splay a leg sideways, this muscle can knot up.  In a lot of people, the sciatic nerve runs through this muscle and the pressure from the knotting causes terrible pain and numbness down the leg.

This area has been bothering me lately, so I put the Myorope on the ground and then laid on top of it, rotating my leg so the balls of the rope were working the piriformis muscle.  I've tried this with tennis balls, foam rollers, and other devices and nothing has worked as well as the Myorope did.  The density of the balls was perfect for the job and the fact there was more than one allowed me to use one to anchor it in place and the others to roll against.  It gave me immediate relief!

I took it to work and kept it near the desk so I could try it again. The pain usually returns after sitting for a long time.  I used it while sitting in a chair and I had the same experience as before; Immediate, long-term relief.  Again, no need for batteries or plugging it in or anything extra.

A coworker asked me if she could try the Myorope, because her arm was hurting her while using the computer.  She is a cyclist, and the combination of riding a road bike and then banging away at a keyboard was giving her some real issues in her forearm.  A while later, I walked by her desk and she was rolling away, smiling, and said, "This thing is great!"

If you have sore muscles or a chronic issue that massaging should help, definitely check out the Myorope.  I am very happy to have one and I'm keeping it nearby!

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