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Todd the Greased Sprocket

This show is from the grueling heat in the cotton fields of Nowhere, TX. Magically, I conduct a Gizmo interview with Todd about his cycling abilities. I also discuss the UV protection found in everyday laundry detergents, training with disabilities, and hella-cool eyewear.

Listen to the show HERE.

After the ride, I did a brick run and quickly regretted it. I got home and walked straight into the cold shower, clothes on and all. Since then, I've gotten a new audio file from another listener in Canada describing a cold 2.4 mile swim without wetsuits. That will be in the next show along with an email from my next race's staff explaining what drink will be available on the course.

Also, if you ever wonder if you're alone in enjoying the show, you're not. Check out one of the emails I got from a listener:

"I just listened to your Bombastic program and was laughing so hard when you went barreling down that hill trying to do 50mph. My co-workers think I am nuts. I was pulling for you though, I hope you make it one of these days. Oh, BTW I started my Tri training last night with the new Garmin Forerunner 301, that thing is awesome! keep up the cool podcasts, they keep me going during the day. "

Oh, don't you worry. I'll hit 50 soon. The rocketpack is being built by Quintana Roo as we speak.

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Reader Comments (15)

Keep up the great podcasts Brett! I enjoyed the interview.

Posted about it here:


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